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13 mai 2012 7 13 /05 /mai /2012 15:10

Article publié par http://www.pinkbike.com

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, the new Scott Gambler. At least we think that it's going to be called the Gambler - Scott aren't giving much away about the bike at this stage. The team only got their hands on these frames last week to do some winter testing on the brutal San Romolo track in Northern Italy and then headed straight out to Pietermaritzburg for this weekend's World Cup event.

 Prototype Scott Gambler 

On first glance that linkage looks pretty wild, but look closer and you realize it's a single pivot with a linkage-driven shock, although we can't think of another company who currently use this kind of configuration. The word slack comes to mind. And yes, those are welds you can see, so it's made of aluminum.

Scott Gambler Prototype upper linkage

  A close-in on that linkage. It appears as if it works in a scissoring action to compress the Fox shock.

Scott Gambler Prototype - new linkage and team rider.

  Another angle on the linkage (left), and Brendan Fairclough, itching to get it up the hill at the San Romolo test.

Scott Gambler Prototype under Brendan Fairclough

  In case you were thinking that it all seemed a bit high, look how low that centre of gravity is when it's out on the trail. Also, look how low-slung it all is, yes it's under some compression here, but the clearance on that is massive.

Scott Gambler Prototype Downhill bike in the pits.

  Race-ready for this weekend...

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